5 Upcoming Cars I'm Excited For!

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Published on 18 September 2020

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YOU DID GOOD NISSAN PROTO Z. I'M SO PROUD! Imagine actually listening to your customers...*cough* Toyota Supra and *cough* Acura NSX. At least the big wigs at Nissan aren't braindead and still possess basic understanding of supply and demand, so watch their new 400z sell like hot cakes and fly by the sales of the Supra and NSX. The R36 (whenever that gets finished) will also do the same! FAITH IN JDMANITY RESTORED.

and FAITH IN CORVETTE REMAINED SAME, AS I ALWAYS HAD FAITH IN IT, but am super sad they'll literally have nothing similar to the first 7 generations once the C8 Z06 finally ditches the pushrod. Such is the fruit of progress. Also before you call me a hypocrite for praising it's break of lineage, but hating the Supra's, just remember Toyota was too lazy to make their own Inline. Sure a Flat Plane V8 is a break from lineage for the Corvette, but at least it's still made in house. Who would've guessed GM would still have the decency and pride to do that. Oh wait, GM doesn't, neither does Chevy. It's the Corvette Team that should get all the credit. Seriously Corvette Engineers are like maybe only like 2.19% related to Chevy at this point. I'm sure if Chevy ever threatened to discontinue the Corvette, they could literally just pick up their factory and just become their own brand and keep making Corvettes. They just sit under Chevy for the sake of easy dealership access and distribution at this point.

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